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Participate in a confidential, online study & help researchers understand self-harm and suicide.

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Project CARE is a brief, online study. The goal of our study is to better understand teens' self-harm and risk for suicide. We hope that by collecting pictures and information about scars, we will be able to build a tool to help doctors and other healthcare workers better understand self-injury and improve teens' mental health.

This study is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Click to take a 2-minute survey
to see if you are eligible to participate:

You may be eligible to participate if you:

  • are between 16 and 18 years old,

  • have self-harm scars/marks on your arm(s), and

  • live in the United States

Did you know? CARE stands for:
Computer Assisted Risk Evaluation

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